About Us

Martha Walker has over 20 years experience of running independent medical practices and has been successfully registering and overseeing continued compliance of clinics in the independent sector since 2003.

She now divides her time between advising and assisting GPs, Consultants and a wide range of other health and social care providers in the independent sector and the NHS who are embarking on Care Quality Commission registration. Martha regularly holds workshops and presentations on CQC compliance for a wide range of providers. She also mentors managers and their teams in practices and lectures at the University of East London on practice management.

Martha is a founder member of the London based Practice Managers Forum that promotes the education and professional development of practice managers and administrators with a particular emphasis on CQC requirements through lectures and networking.

Based in the West Country, Martha works with health and social care providers throughout the country.

Martha has a Diploma in Management and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Royal Society of Medicine. She regularly contributes to various publications including the Independent Practitioner Today and the dental magazine VITAL.